If you take a careful look at our logo, you would see that it’s the majestic boabab tree, the icon of the African continent.

The baobab tree is one that grows beautifully and flourishes even given a harsh environment. It often serves as a metaphor for the resilience of individuals and communities in the face of adversity. It is known as a tree of life. 

Women are the carriers of life. They are the backbone of our society. They have an ability to get everyone involved, and to look everywhere for answers, yet surprisingly we  haven’t fully utilised that ability when it comes to corruption. 

African women have not been given a chance to give their best short at looking everywhere for answers to solve the corruption problem, yet evidence shows they are disproportionately affected by corruption. 

Corruption is relentless dream killer for most Africans, particularly for African women, its a silent killer, of our dreams, of our prosperity, our progress, our potential and when its done, it even takes our lives. 

With AWACN we are not only amplifying the voice of women but also advancing their participation in the anti-corruption agenda by providing a platform that showcases women not only as victims of corruption but to also as the necessary agents we need for the change we want to see. 

AWACN is the Awakening of the African Women to look everywhere for answers against corruption to realise the possibility of an Africa we all imagine and love.