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Who are we

African Women Against Corruption Network (“AWACN”) was founded in 2021 to advance the participation of women in the anti-corruption agenda in Africa and focus the lens on the gendered effects of corruption on women and girls in Africa. Women in Africa face unique barriers due to corruption, yet anti-corruption responses fail to recognise the gender specific characteristics of corruption that intrinsically increase the vulnerability of women and girls to corruption.

The typical conception of corruption as an exchange of money, power or goods often hides in plain sight other forms of corruption making it easy to conclude that everyone is affected in the same way, yet evidence shows that women experience and perceive corruption differently than men. At AWACN we recognise that not all corrupt actions are equal. Corruption is seldom associated with robbing women and girls of their dignity and basic rights in spite of the fact that for women corruption does not only involve illicit exchanges of money, at times it involves exchanging diseases and unwanted pregnancies stemming from coercion of women and girls to offer their dignity as a currency for bribes.

Women and girls are coerced to offer themselves to be sexually exploited in exchange for business deals, jobs, when accessing public services, as migrants, for placement in sports and sex for grades for girls at schools and institutions of higher learning, not in “quid pro quo” transactions but in pure abuse of power thriving in the shadows of a crime that is neglected.


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